President message

I am honoured to be appointed by my colleagues to serve as Market Access Society President. At a time where market access is becoming   a major public debate in the medias  in the street leaded by the civilian society.

The large public debate has taken by surprise policy decision makers, HTA and pricing agencies, civil servant in ministry of health and the whole political class.

Politician leaders are suddenly taking the topic high in their agenda like Mrs Clinton and but also members of parliament and senators in US and Europe. Price of health services including pharmaceuticals will be for the coming decade an unavoidable topic for all elections. We see already multiple petitions aiming at exercise pressure on political administration in power to regulate or further regulate health services prices and reimbursement.

In united States, half of patients s cancer suffering from  are requesting loans to treat their disease and the majority will experience bankruptcy.

Affordability and sustainability of our health care system is at stake. All citizens will be durably affected positively or negatively based on policies decided today.

In this environment dominated by emotion  The MAS has the responsibility to take action in a transparent, fair, constructive, scientific and evidence based to enlighten these discussions and take part of the next decade debate at international level.

It is our strong willingness (and we consider it an essential part of our mission) to provide support to developing countries   in identifying implementing and monitoring the appropriate market access policies.

To feed this debate we need to support young researchers, to support education and to contribute actively to research and education.

To be present in this debate we need to communicate our research, vision and perspective and this is why we have decided to establish immediately our journal: the journal of market access and health policy that is becoming a successful forum. Beyond usual original research, we want to encourage debate papers and letters to editors to match to the fast changing market access landscape.

In that position, I commit to serve loyally, with passion and dedication the Market Access Society.

I am looking forward for a second new active three years leadership of MAS for the best recognition of our common field of interest.