Together we gain and share understanding of market access pricing, and public health.

Market Access Society

MAS is a vibrant community of market access professionals dedicated to sharing knowledge and influencing the field.

We believe in the power of knowledge exchange, offering valuable resources, expert insights, and collaborative platforms to empower our members. Through our collective wisdom, we stay ahead of industry trends, make informed decisions, and drive success in market access. Additionally, we actively engage with stakeholders to advocate for fair policies, remove barriers, and foster an environment that promotes innovation and equitable opportunities.

Our History


The Market Access Society (MAS) was founded by Mondher Toumi to promote and advance the field of market access. Concurrently with the founding of MAS, the idea of the first European University Diploma of Market Access (EMAUD) was emerging. and EMAUD as a very intensive 6 weeks course was created to address the growing need for development of professionals with expertise in market access and health policy.


In 2013, MAS held its first Market Access conference the Market Access Day covered the topics such as pricing and reimbursement strategies, health technology assessments, patient-reported outcomes and real-world evidence generation. Collectively, the inaugural conference, MAS also launched its official journal – the Journal of Market Access Society and Health Policy (JMAHP). JMAHP is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that covers all different subdisciplines of ‘market access’ from economic, technical, scientific, sociological, psychological and policy perspectives.


The Emaud course is organized regularly, covering important topics in the field of market access. The lectures are divided into 5 key modules, each focusing on a critical aspect of market access. During the yearly Market Access Society conference, participants share their knowledge, insights, and experiences. These collaborative sessions provide a valuable platform for professionals in the field to network, exchange ideas, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in market access.


JMAHP is indexed in various databases, including PubMed and Scopus. The indexing of JMAHP in these reputable databases helps to increase the visibility and discoverability of the journal’s content, ensure that the published studies reaches a wider audience of researchers, clinicians, and other professionals, enhance the credibility and impact of the journal within the medical and allied health fields and facilitate the citation and tracking of articles published in JMAHP.


After a couple of years of interruption of the conference following the pandemic, The Market Access Society organized a successful Market Access Day event at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, France. The event took place in the historic Liard amphitheater. The Journal of Market Access and Health Policy (JMAHP) has decided to change its publisher from Taylor & Francis to MDPI. This change is aimed at improving the journal’s support and resources, allowing it to better serve the needs of its authors and readers.


The JMAHP released its first inaugural issue under the management of MDPI, a leading open-access publisher. Society of the JMAHP and MAS is highly active in social media and at scientific conferences.

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