EMAUD 2023

European Market Access Diploma

Gain key insights into the market access governing global healthcare and explore how effective policy can be used to address contemporary challenges.




5 x week + 3 days

Time commitment

4-8 hours per day x 5 weeks per year for full program


Intermediate and High

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According to LinkedIn, the interest of employers in course participants has increased in recent years.
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course participants changed their job to a better paid one within a year of completing the EMAUD course.
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What you'll learn

Course description

Market Access is a complex process. It is often referred to as the fourth hurdle in drug development and has become an inescapable reality today. It is nowadays the driver of the global income of a new product/drug. No company providing drugs or devices cannot expect to succeed without designing a relevant market access strategy early in the development process, and an effective execution planning.


The concept of Market Access requires as much knowledge as professional capabilities. The EMAUD program is situated at a crossroads of multiple disciplines that all form an integral part of a valid comprehensive course.


5 x week + 3 days

Time commitment

4-8 hours per day x 5 weeks per year for full program


Intermediate and High

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Emaud has a global outreach. Our students come from

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of places are granted with waivers from 100% to 30% to people from developing countries, people off job, or people with low salary in the life science field who wanted to access to a new career.

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What do you need to know?

The program consists of 5 mandatory modules plus one optional module (3 days) on Health Economics. The 5 modules can be done separately i.e., not necessarily in only one year, and not in any specific order. 

  • Each module will contain one case study and one workshop.
  • Practical applications for each main topic.
  • Multiple examples from the public domain and lecturers experience.
  • The full development of a Market Access Plan including strategy, gap analysis, activity prioritization.

The course is validated after the submission of a professional thesis and a publication. The thesis could be either a company case study for professional candidates on a study break*, or a literature review for student candidates completing their Masters or equivalent. The publication should be on a similar topic. We encourage EMAUD students to submit in the journal of MAS: Journal of Market Access and Health Policy.

*Upon request, company study cases will be considered as strictly confidential and will be subject to specific assessment under secrecy agreement. No additional copies apart from the candidate’s original copy will be circulated. The original copy will be returned to the candidate after evaluation.

Students currently undertaking a Master’s I or equivalent in Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry (all under 5 years);
Professionals who have experience working in market access. Other candidates with equivalent qualifications willing to undertake a career in market access.

The exact dates of the modules in 2023 are:

Module 1: 16.10.2023 – 20.10.2023

Module 2: 11.12.2023 – 16.12.2023

Module 3: 05.02.2024 – 09.02.2024

Module 4: 08.04.2024 – 12.04.2024

Module 4 bis: 20.05.2024 – 23.05.2024

Module 5: 17.06.2024 – 21.06.2024

Please send CV and a cover letter to: administration@emaud.eu
Once received, your application will be reviewed by a selection committee. We will then revert to you within two weeks to give you the committee’s decision.

€8,000 diploma

€1,600 per module

*) The attendance to EMAUD courses is compulsory. Tuitions and scholarship fees will not be refunded in case of absence.

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