Anne d’Andon

Consultant senior (Indépendant)

I am joining the CEMKA team as Medical Director to provide medical and methodological support. I contribute to the development of the consulting and study activity, delivered by CEMKA (market access, pharmacoepidemiology, public health evaluation, medical data summaries) and my mission is to explore the needs in terms of studies on emerging health fields.

Trained in cardiovascular pharmacology, human genetics and molecular biology, innovation has always attracted me. After working on the genetics of arterial hypertension at INSERM, I contributed to the organization of clinical research at AP-HP and then led the scientific directions of patient associations. Since 2008, I was responsible for the evaluation of medicines at the High Authority for Health (HAS), which adds to my assets, national and international expertise in technological evaluation, in the city or in the hospital, as well as in the whole life cycle of the drug.

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