Dávid Danko

managing partner at Ideas & Solutions (I&S)

Dávid Dankó is managing partner of Ideas & Solutions (I&S), an independent research and consultancy firm which provides health policy and market access advisory services to companies and policymakers in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.


Dávid has 16 years of experience in health care management & the funding of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Before 2010, he was member of the executive team for pharmaceutical reform in Hungary as Deputy Director of Reimbursement at the national health insurance fund. Previously he also held a position as research leader at the Corvinus University of Budapest. He speaks regularly at conferences and workshops on pharmaceutical and medical device policies, gives payer communication and negotiation trainings to multinational companies and authorities, and participates at international advisory boards.



  • Pricing of targeted onco-hematology medicines
  • Pragmatic value assessment and HTA systems for middle-income markets
  • Designing managed entry agreements and linking them to value assessment
  • Negotiations with payers and other governmental stakeholders
  • Alternative funding / contracting strategies in middle and low-income countries


Dávid lectures in the European Market Access University Diploma (EMAUD) programme, at the Vienna School of Clinical Research (VSCR) and in pharmacy and health economics courses across Central Europe, Russia and the Middle East. He graduated in Economics from Corvinus University of Budapest where he also earned his PhD degree in 2012 with a thesis on resource management in pharmaceutical research & development.


Dávid is peer-reviewer and editorial board member of three health economics and market access journals. He is also co-editor of a university textbook titled ‘Pharmaceutical Reimbursement’ and co-author of the Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Guidelines for India. Dávid works in English, Russian and Italian, and also speaks German, French and Portuguese.

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