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Market Access Day Paris 2023

The Market Access Day :

An event for frontrunners

The Market Access Day is a yearly conference organised by the Market Access Society (MAS) a non for profit organization in Paris. It brings together academics, patient representatives, decision makers, industry leaders, policy experts for stimulating and thought-provoking discussions that will shape the future of market access.

This is an invaluable opportunity for participants to get equipped with the knowledge and connections to prepare for evolutions in the field.

This year, the event will take place at the prestigious and historical  Sorbonne University, in the Liard amphitheatre.

Join us at the Market Access Day and stay at the forefront of market access trends!

The 20 years long awaited EU HTA is now on track. A road map is available, and guidelines progressively emerge. Although a lot remain to clarify it is a milestone for a new HTA era in EU. The status and future development will be highlighted in that session by prominent stakeholders. Challenges and opportunities will be discussed in length through various perspectives.

The trends we observe suggest we will experience a substantial disruption of the market access landscape and how we do business. Market access will increasingly be the cornerstone of all new products’ business cases. The speakers will outline the new rules of games and how to find a successful way out.

Regenerative medicine/ATMP are capturing the attention of all players in market access field. Market access rules are evolving and will soon be stabilized, marking finaly more predictability for these therapies. Our speakers will walk you across multiple countries and continents to provide you with a better understanding of  regenerative medicine access.

Oncology is on the priority list for HTA. While rules seems quite inflexible and restrictive for orphan drugs, it will be interesting to listen to various stakeholders on how they anticipate oncology orphan drug evidence will be analyzed by EU-HTA.

AI is disrupting all aspect of life of individuals society and countries including war. The pharmaceutical business and more specifically market access do not escape this obvious trend. The speakers will review the various field of market access that will be significantly impacted by AI on short medium and longer term. HTA and pricing in silico, SLR, NMA, cost effectiveness analysis, RWE, synthetic data etc. Will be discussed.

After 20 years of intense discussions at each US presidential election Medicare will be allowed to negotiate price. This is perceived as a revolution in US, and welcomed with mixed feeling or enthusiasm from the various stakeholders. Discover the scope of the IRA, the implementation process, the potential implications.

Registration Access

The entrance will be at : le 17, rue de la Sorbonne 75005 Paris, only with presentation of the invitation and names on the attendee list.

All users must first have an MAS User Account to register for the meeting.

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All Sessions are in Paris Time

•9:15 to 9:25 OPENING

• Mondher Toumi

•9:25 to 10:10 Overview of HTA trends. Market Access trends: evolution or revolution?

• Mondher Toumi – Introduction (5min)
• Andras Incze - Cost Containment Trends: Who shoots whose foot? (15min)
• Neil Grubert - HTA and other trends (15min)
• Q&A (10min)

•10:10 to 11:40 EU HTA: Where are we heading ?

• Mira Pavlovic – Introduction and Moderation (10min)
• Joerg Ruof – Keynote speaker (30min)
• Eric Baseilhac – Perspective of Research Based Industry (20min)
• David Danko – Challenges for Central Europe and Baltic Countries (15min)
• Q&A (15min)

• 12:10 to 13:10 International comparison of Market Access of Regenerative Medicines

• Mondher Toumi – Market Access in Europe (15min)
• Meriem Bouslouk-Marx – Case study of Zolgensma® in Germany (15min)
• Dan Greenberg – US and Israel situation (20min)
• Q&A (10min)

• 14:10 to 15:20 EU HTA: Challenges for Market access of oncology orphan drugs?

• Francois Meyer – Orphan Drug Market Access Introduction (15min)
• Mira Pavlovic – Oncology orphan drugs – dealing with uncertainty (15min)
• Marc Van de Casteele – HTA Agency perspective (15 min)
• Jameel Nazir – Industry Perspective (15min)
• Q&A (10 min)

• 15:20 to 16:20 Will AI disrupt Market Access practice?

• Samuel Aballéa - Overview of applications of AI in market access (5 minutes)
• Nicolas Brunel - Applications of natural language processing to extract and synthetize information from the literature (10 minutes)
• Samuel Aballéa - Generating synthetic patients: applications for value assessment (10 minutes)
• Zalmai Hakimi – Opportunities and challenges of AI for market access: a manufacturer perspective (15 minutes)
• Discussion with the audience (20 minutes)

• 16:55 to 18:10 Inflation reduction act (IRA) what to expect?

• Neil Grubert – Introduction and moderation (10min)
• Joshua Cohen – Overview of IRA (20min)
• James Chambers – Impact of IRA on orphan drugs (20min)
• Neil Grubert – Conclusion (10min)
• Q&A (15min)

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