Hervé Lamarque

VP at Incyte Head of EU Access, Pricing, HEOR and Business development

Hervé Lamarque is a seasoned professional in the biopharmaceutical industry, currently holding the position of Vice President at Incyte, where he serves as the Head of EU Access, Pricing, HEOR (Health Economics and Outcomes Research), and Business Development.

Hervé has successfully managed over 300 pricing and reimbursement negotiations showcasing his proficiency in navigating the complex landscape of healthcare economics and market access.

Notably, Hervé has played a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical industry by designing and executing comprehensive Access Readiness Plans for more than 20 products.

Furthermore, Hervé Lamarque has demonstrated his commitment to innovation and efficiency by developing and executing processes to optimize clinical development plans specifically tailored for payer considerations in two different companies.

Hervé’s illustrious career has seen him contribute his talents to renowned companies in the pharmaceutical sector, including Incyte, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sanofi, and AstraZeneca. His association with these industry giants speaks to his reputation and the trust placed in his leadership and strategic abilities.

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