Isaac Odeyemi

Head of Outcomes Research

Isaac Odeyemi is individual with a multifaceted professional background, currently holding the position of Professor of Health Technology Assessment and Policy within the Faculty of Health, Psychology, and Social Care at Manchester Metropolitan University. His academic prowess is reflected in his extensive list of qualifications, which include a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), a Master of Science (MSc), a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).​

In addition to his academic role, Isaac serves as the Senior Director and Head of Outcomes Research at Zoetis International Operations since February 2018. This role underscores his commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry, emphasizing the practical applications of health technology assessment and policy in a global context.​

Moreover, Isaac maintains crucial links between government and industry, positioning himself as a key opinion leader in pharmaceutical strategy. ​

Isaac Odeyemi’s professional journey exemplifies a balance blend of academic , corporate leadership, and strategic influence within the realms of health technology assessment, policy development, and outcomes research.​

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